I'm Hopelessly Twitterpated

Here's how the Urban Dictionary defines Twitterpated


1. To be completely enamored with someone/something

2. The flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about/see the object of your affection


Okay, I admit it. Yes, I am totally, hopelessly "twitterpated" when it comes to anything and everything that has something to do with painting. It is truly magical to look at the world with the eyes of an artist and once I started developing an artist's eye, I began seeing painting opportunities everywhere. So, I am never bored. What color is this? What shape is that? Could I make it interesting? All of these questions, and more, spin in my head all the time. 

Even my friends and family are becoming "twitterpated" about art. Well, maybe not to the degree that I am, but they will text me photographs of things that they see that might be painting ideas. It's really great when some of my husband's hunting buddies send me photos of dogs in the field and tell me to "look at that light." My husband will drive out of the way for miles to show me an old mission church or waterfall. My kids and grandkids laughingly tell me they "squint" to see the lights and darks around them.


Creating and viewing art is a shared experience. I do get a flighty, excited feeling every time I step to the easel to paint, but being twitterpated, for me, extends to each of you who share your painting ideas with me or who have a piece of my art hanging in your home or office. Look around you and let me know if you see something that makes you twitterpated. Develop your artist's eye. Let your heart race over a sunset, reflections in the water or maybe the color in your own back yard. It's really okay to be completely enamored with the world around you!

Shake it Loose

Being a person who works best under pressure, I love having something to work toward.  Well, now I am under the gun to paint, paint, paint as I get ready for an  upcoming solo show this October.

COLOR…OUTSIDE THE LINES is the title for the show and that’s exactly what I do.  I am crazy for color and I enjoy working fast and loose, but sometimes that’s not the easiest thing to do when I’m under pressure.

We all do it. There’s a deadline approaching and things have to get done. No matter what, the clock is ticking and we have to perform.  Regardless what the task is, it’s hard to stay cool and just get ready.  

If I am painting outdoors (en plein air) , it seems easier to stay loose. The birds tweet, the bugs buzz and the light changes constantly so I have to work fast and free. And  all of the elements keep me distracted. But, put me in the studio, on a hot summer day and I tend to get caught up in the details.

So, how to “shake it loose” in the studio this summer? Many artists play music while they do their art. This works for me too, sometimes. But the thing I find most helpful is to listen to a good audio book. Yes, that works wonders for me. The book, or sometimes a podcast, seems to occupy the left part of my brain. That’s the part that says “be neat, don’t mess up, get it right, think about it.” That’s the part of my brain that needs to concentrate on something else so that the creativity can flow.

Now, this might not be scientific, but I find that if I have done my preliminary sketches, thought through my color scheme and mentally planned for the painting, I can step up to that easel, turn on the audio book and things just seem to flow with the paintbrush or pastels.

So, as I listen to some great tales over the summer, I will be busily painting for the show. Hmmmm….I wonder if all that drama is reflected in the paintings.  I sure hope so!  STAY COOL, FRIENDS.